Deaconess Taria Porter
Women's Department


The Agape Women's Christian Council (A.W.C.C.) is to gather the women and channel their minds into productive motives of Christian endeavor.  We train in all areas of leadership and organizational structure.  We learn what it means to live consistent Christian lives.

   Pastor Johnson 
  Deacon Dennis Polk
 Brotherhood Department
Brotherhood Ministry


The Brotherhood ministry is designed to bring christian men together in fellowship. "How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity " Psalms 133:1. The purpose is to establish the emotional and spiritual roles for the men of God in order to take on their responsibilty which involves leadership in family, church, and their community.

 Deaconess Jackson
F.O.C.U.S Ministry  & Security Team
 F.O.C.U.S Ministry
 The Vision of F.o.c.u.s


 ( Fellowship of Consecrated Unique Single) is to become a separate, unique, and whole person the Lord wants you to become, and the vessel that will hold the treasure, which is Jesus. The values of this ministry are being accountable, responsible, committed, and adaptable to change.


Sister Charmain Allen
    Head of Youth Dept .
Children of Distinction Youth
The mission of C.O.D. is to train our youth to live their lives with God in control while having a spirit of excellence.  We will endeavor to enrich our youth mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.  We purpose to reach as many young non-believers from all areas of life to give them opportunity to receive salvation, by our living example through the Word of God.



Brother Benjamin Law
Usher Board
Usher Board

The usher board is unique within itself.  The major concern is to meet and greet the people at the door, especially visitors who attend our church services with a smile and reassure them that they are in the Lord's house. 

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