This Singles Ministry's Conference audio CD set includes Guest Speaker Pastor Jerry and Lady Tanisha Flowers from Houston, TX.  On Friday September 14, 2018 (CD #1) Pastor Jerry Flowers delivered a message on "She's a Moabitess" from the book of Ruth chapter 2 verses 1-9.  On Saturday September 15 (CD #2 & #3) Pastor & Lady Flowers delivered powerful sessions on "Ignite the Fire" and "Your Body Is a Temple, Not a Hotel."  Saturday September 15th (CD #4 & #5) includes a panel discussion on relationships and being single.  On Sunday September 16th (CD #6) Pastor Flowers delivered another powerful message on "I Want to Change" from the book of 1Kings chapter 17 verses 1-7. 


For a sample of the message please view the Video Library. 

"Power in One" Singles Conference CD (set of 6)