Outreach Ministries

Our Mission

Our mission is to to reach the Un-Churched; to make Disciples; to enrich the lives of Believers; to extend the Kingdom of God; and to create and support Outreach Ministries.


Our Slogan

God's Love Reaching Out to You!

  Brother Polk Jail Ministry
Missionary Tamaiki King
Nursing Home Ministry
Deacon Jeremiah Johnson
Food Care Center & Deacon Board
Sister Donna Ramirez
Mission Soup Kitchen
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     Lady Ella Johnson
Hospital Ministry
Jail Ministry


It was created to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Word of God to incarcerated men and women at the county correctional facilities.  The ministry focus on setting the captives free in their intellect, emotions and will(soul), by receiving salvation, delieverance, and healing. "Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name. Psalm 142:7a


Nursing Home Ministry

 A ministry that centers around the eldery that are placed in nursing home facilities.  This ministry gives hope to the elderly and provides recreation and prayers.


Killeen Food Care Center


The Food Care Center in Killeen, Texas provides food, clothing, and household items to clients in need at little or no cost to them.  There is a constant and growing need in our community for these services.  Agape supports them with bags, egg cartons and monetary donations. 

Mission Soup Kitchen


The Mission Soup Kitchen provides a meal, clothing, hygiene products to their clients.  We volunteer our time and talent on a weekly basis and as a church we support them with donations.    

Hospital Ministry


The hospital ministry is a ministry of human compassion and love where qualified ministers are willing to serve the needs of our church community with pastoral care.  Prayer support, comfort and visitation are provided for those that have been hospitalized.