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Agape Auxiliary Leaders

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We currently have over 20 auxiliaries at Agape.  There is an auxiliary for every member of your family. Some of those include women, men, children, youth, ushers, media, hospitality, etc.  Outreach ministries include hospital, nursing home, jail, witnessing team, etc. 

Daliann James.jpg

Daliann James

Holistic Ministry

Curtis Lyles.jpg

Curtis Lyles

Creative Witnessing Team (CWT)

Zina Hood.jpg

Zina Hood

Women's Department

Voices of Praise

Antonia Revell.jpg

Antonia Revell

Business and Professional Women

Christina Forde.jpg

Christina Forde

Sign Language

Amanda Willis.jpg

Amanda Willis

Nurses Unit

& Garden Ministry

Debra Jackson.jpg

Debra Jackson

Youth Mime Ministry & Security

Victor Ramirez.jpg

Victor Ramirez

Church Guaranteer

Ernest Banks.jpg

Ernest Banks

Noonday Prayer

Colesha Johnson.jpg

Colesha Johnson

Youth Department

Darrell Porter.jpg

Darrell Porter

Sunday School Department

Nina Robinson.jpg

 Nina Robinson

Women’s Praise Team

Angelia Walker.jpg

Angelia Walker

Pastor’s Aide

Collette Jones.jpg

Collette Jones

In-Tounch Team

Tametha Jeffries.jpg

Tametha Jeffries

Mission Soup Kitchen & YPWW

Patrice Law.jpg

Patrice Law

Treasurer & Church Guaranteer

Terrence King.jpg

Terrence King

Brotherhood Ministry

Igene Banks.jpg

Igene Banks

Jail Ministry

Charmain Allen.jpg

Charmain Allen

Single's Focus Ministry

Doris Johnson.jpg

Doris Johnson

Usher Board Department

Donna Ramirez.jpg

Donna Ramirez

Church Guarantor

Shann Blake.jpg

Shanna Blake


TiErica Fletcher.jpg

TiErica Fletcher

Media Team

Taria Porter.jpg

Taria Porter

Praise & Worship Leader

Co-Minister of Music President

Ben Law.jpg

Benjamin Law

Church Guaranteer

Tamaiki King.jpg

Tamaiki King

Hospitality & Nursing Home Ministry

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